Mini Bulk System

Engine oils required by Independent workshop can no longer be limited to two products. To be certain to use the correct grade oils, we have introduced the Mini Bulk System. This enables independent workshops to stock the correct grades in smaller quantities and avoid the pitfall of one grade fits all.
Benefits of the Mini Bulk System:

  • Clearly labelled Mini bulk containers
  • Visible stock levels at all times
  • Pumps on each storage container
  • Eliminates end of can waste and packaging waste
  • Less staff down time selecting and procuring product
  • Reasonable stock levels

Bulk Delivery

Whatever the quantity of products you need we can delivery.

Our Lubricants are available as:

  • Bulk Delivery
  • 1000L IBC tanks
  • 200L Barrels
  • 20L Drums
  • 5L & 1L Bottles

Waste Oil

We can help you dispose of any waste oil.
Call us on 071 91 300 33

Oil Analysis

We can send away your samples of oil to have them laboratory analysed

Lubrication Equipment

We can source oil equipment such as bunded tanks, hose reels etc